My wife and I embarked on our journey of home ownership in early 2008. After months of looking and not being able to find exactly what we wanted in an existing home, we decided to build. We interviewed several builders over the course of about 2 months and visted several build sites. We ultimately chose Darnell Construction and built our dream home. The first difference we noticed as we made a dozen different trips to build sites is that “Marty” (Owner/Operator) was ALWAYS on the site. The next was that he was so personable and willing to talk about our plans and even talk us through the entire building scenerio. Once we decided on a floor plan and had our final meeting before breaking ground, Marty and I exchanged a hand shake and he said “Aaron, call me if you have any questions.” I assumed like most things, the next time we would talk would be at the closing. To my suprise Marty gave me his cell phone number and throughout the entire build he was available for any questions I had…and I had plenty! In the end, Darnell Construction not only built our dream home exactly the way we wanted, he delivered the best customer experience I have came across in the past ten years. Lastly, if you are concerned about the quality side of going with “Marty”, “the proof is in the pudding”. We have lived in our home for two years this April, and have not experienced the “issues” that some of my neighbors, who went with other builders, have had to deal with. Thanks Marty.